Thursday, October 17, 2013

Expanded future opportunities

In the children’s story Charlotte’s Web, the process of change was explained by the spider languishing. Our time as Global Volunteers in Crete has now been languishing, too. The tourist shops in Amadoura have been closing, the hotels have been closing, the restaurants and bars have been closing, and the numerous car rental stores have as well. Actually, our special hotel will also soon be closing, too. As our time here closes, it is a time to reflect on “who we are and why we are here,” as stated with a British accent to us each morning by our fearless leader, Sam. 

Our Global Volunteer goals have been both personal and team oriented. We certainly have expanded our horizons by utilizing car, bus, and walking opportunities to explore not only our local area, but also other areas of this amazing county. Our personal goals have been as diverse as Lynn enjoying finding early morning coffee shops and Betty and Perry driving to small villages and shopping for shoes for their granddaughters. Our insights have been impacted by the precious experiences of working with an amazing master teacher, Martina, along with the children and teens enrolled in her school. One insight we have gleaned is clear, children and teens who learn English can have expanded future opportunities.

In two short weeks we certainly realize we have not changed the world or the country of Greece.  However, we can certainly smile and share with our families, friends, and even strangers in the future that our lives as Global Volunteers have been changed about this big world, this beautiful country, and the wonderful Cretan people. And, just possibly, some Cretan children and their families will have some positive memories of three Americans who came to Crete as Global Volunteers to teach English.


Message of the Day:“There is no recipe to be a great teacher - that is what is unique about them.” - Robert Sternberg