Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another day in paradise

Another day in paradise. The weather forecast indicates a little rain tomorrow, we’ll see. 

Today Betty and Perry visited the Historical Museum of Crete. This was a really great adventure.  The presentations were very educational, especially the exhibits about World War II. During our visit we noticed a photography crew taking photographs of many exhibits and conducting an interview with a person who appeared to be the museum curator. We had a snack break on the museum balcony (overlooking the Mediterranean Sea) while the crew was also there. We talked with them and learned they are from Belgrade, Serbia and are filming a documentary program called “Postcard” for a Serbian television channel. They are spending three weeks on Crete on this project. We visited for 15 to 20 minutes exchanging information.

During the afternoon we stopped at a shop that sold special signs and older license plates. We had them engrave a little sign that says ‘air conditioning’ in Greek for Perry’s workshop.  Another stop we made will probably be a highlight of our trip, as it was at a store that sells uniforms and accessories for the police. We were able to obtain some official police shirts and hats and arm patches for our son, an officer with the California Highway Patrol. Law enforcement officers like to obtain items from other agencies. We also gave them a CHP arm patch that was mounted on the wall of the store before we left. 

Again, teaching went well. A couple of the students that had minimal interest in previous classes were more interested and participated more willingly. Learning new vocabulary words is a challenge and some words can be tough, like ‘bulb’, but they work on it with a good attitude.

Message of the Day: “Don’t find fault, find remedy.” - Henry Ford