Friday, February 25, 2011

Apokries on Crete!

Are you interested in volunteering in Greece? Well pack your bags for several weeks of service work AND good times if you opt to serve in February or March. The three weeks before lent, Greeks celebrate Apokries or Carnival. It is a celebration that offers:

"a chance to escape everyday monotony and enter into a world of party, fantasy, jinks and 'kefi' (high spirits) ... a feast of dance, wine and meat before the sacrifices and fasting of Lent."

The purpose and tradition of this celebration are as follows:

In Greece the Carnival started in Ancient times, believed to be as a worship to Dionysos, the God of Wine and Feast. In the Orthodox tradition Apokries is the preparation period before Lent. Apokries means literally saying goodbye to meat - Apoxh apo kreas - apo-kreas. In Latin the roots of the word Carnival has the same meaning - 'carne' is meat and 'vale' goodbye." ~ Quotes courtesy of

If you would like to learn more about this festival, please visit the following link:

If you would like more details about when you can volunteer on Crete with Global Volunteers in 2011/2011, please visit the following link:

We hope to hear from you soon, and our host communities and children are eager to welcome you to their home!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Considering Volunteering on Crete? Here's A Sneak Peek!

Does the idea of volunteering abroad overwhelm you? Think it might be a bit stressful?? Have no fear! Global Volunteers' does everything possible to address the normal stress of travels and getting settled into a new community. Please read on to learn about the Orientation that all Global Volunteers take part in (yes, it is a part of every single service program!) and see an example from a 2010 team in Greece!!


Global Volunteer's proprietary onsite orientation and team-building process focuses each team member's ability to give of themselves fully, and has been cited as one of the most valuable, if unexpected, benefits of participating on a team. Following this orientation day -- conducted by Global Volunteers local staff and host organization representatives, project leaders and consultants -- you begin work.


Examples of Orientation outcomes, courtesy of Sam, Greece Country Manager!

Team goals were identified under the following five areas:
1) FUN

More speifically, volunteers identified these goals & interests:

To play
To make friends
To help others
To experience Greece
To relax
To bond with people
To teach children
To see the world
Interact with local people
To provide service
To see a different country
Meet new people (and possibly) friends
To experience working with different kids
To experience culture

Team characteristics were then identified:
• Flexibility
• Punctuality
• Cooperation
• Enthusiasm
• Helpful
• Prepared
• Respect


If you think volunteering on Crete is right for you, please don't hesitiate to give us a call!! You can reach us at (800) 487 - 1074. You can also visit our website to request info and 'Like' us on Facebook!! Talk to you soon!