Tuesday, January 18, 2011

University of Minnesota Student Group to Volunteer on Crete!

The University of Minnesota will be joining us for an alternative spring break this year on Crete!! We're very much looking forward to their week of service, and we encourage other univeristy groups to consider this exciting volunteer opportunity as well. Read on to learn more...

Today, students are joining our teams in greater numbers than any time in the past!

We're collaborating with universities, colleges and high schools across the country to integrate service-learning components into broad-based curricula such as:

•field experience in development and foreign aid
•direct assistance in public health and health care
•"real-world" experience in foreign language studies
•cross-cultural communication and international relations

Additionally, service programs offer the student opportunities to enhance interpersonal skills, problem-solve professional situations in an intercultural context, and enhance critical thinking skills.

Organize a group of six or more, obtain special discounts, and magnify your assistance abroad. Intact groups of six or more can join any scheduled team with spaces available. Exclusive groups of at least 12 volunteers may select non-published dates or join a formed, public team!

Contact a Volunteer Coordinator at (800) 487-1074 for more information on your 2011 student group volunteer opportunities!!